Reverse Phone Number Search

So you have a phone number and want to know who owns it? Then you will need to perform what's called a reverse phone number lookup.

Online Directories
There are reverse phone number search sites that will let you enter a phone number and will return the listed owner's name.

Enter phone number (cell or landline):

ex: 555-555-5555


  • Google: Do a google search on the phone number in questions. This will often return pages where the phone number is listed as well as information about the address's owner.

  • Call the number! Seems obvious, but often overlooked. Using a safe phone, call the number you want information on. If you get voice mail, it often will have the person's name (Hi, this is Joe Lookup, Can't come to the phone now so....). If the person anwers, just simply asking who it is will get you an answer if you phrase it right: "Hi this Cystal from Customer Service, who am I speaking with?"

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