Phone Number Search

I have found that Finding someones phone number online is either a snap or takes some work. If they have a listed, landline phone number, it can be as easy as entering their name, city and state into an online phone directory. But what if they don't have a listed phone number or you are looking for someone's cell phone number?

Online Directories
Always start here first. Again, the more information you have about someone the better. Having their city and state is crucial to getting good results here. Be aware that information listed in these online directories may contain outdated information, as they may not be updated as often as a phone book. We like InfoRegistry as their information is always up-to-date.

Corparate Directories
Once again, knowing your subject's place of employment may help you out in a big way. Simply go to their employer's website and see if they have a company directory. If not, calling the main company office-line may get you into the company directory via a voice-prompt menu.

Other Methods
Searching for a Facebook page, personal website or "Googling" someone may produce a web page with a phone number on it. I have gotton lucky on several occasions just taking the time to search every resource available.



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