Online Background Checks

Online background checks is one area where things can get a little tricky and require more work. This is where you get to use all the tools provided by this site.

  • You need to know more information about your search subject
    If you want to check someone out, it helps to have information such as past addresses and past places of employement for at least the last 5 years. 10 years is even better.

  • Access to criminal records vary by locale
    Each county may have different policies and procedures for getting access to criminal records. One of the best online services is InfoRegistry . They tend to have the most comprehensive databases.

    This is not the case when it comes to sex offenders! More on this below.

  • Use your head
    This means it may not be the best idea to confront someone if you have found they have a violent criminal record.

Ready to start?

Okay, the first thing to do is gather all the information you need to confirm. Remember, this is always easier to get out of someone THE FIRST TIME YOU MEET! This is especially true of men! We will go on for hours about ourselves when we fist meet someone. Men actually hav grown accustomed to being "grilled" about their past, present and future, by a woman we just met. So go ahead and ask but make sure you remember every detail!


  • What schools did your subject claim to go to and what years did they say they were there?

  • What towns, cities, states did they claim to live in and what years were they there?

  • Where do they currently work? How long have they been there? What other jobs did they have? Where and when?

  • Past relationships?

  • Any trouble with the law? When and where?

  • Facebook page? Email address? Cell phone number? Current address? GET IT ALL IF YOU CAN!

Now the real work starts! What you need to do is try to confirm the information your search subject provided. Start by
checking their name in the local sex offender databases, then try all the sex offender databases in the areas they claimed to have lived and worked.


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