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If you have someone's name and you want to find out their email address, then you need to perform a search called an email address lookup. Having some additional information about your search subject, such as city or state of residence or place of employment will also be very helpful.

Using General Email Online Directories
There are many online e-mail address directories that may contain your subject's email address. Again, the number of false postive seach results will depend on how common your subject's name is and whether you can narrow it down by city/state.


Using Corporate Directories
Here is where knowing where someone works really pays off. If you know their place of employment, see if the companies website has an email directory. This make ffinding their email address (and maybe even their phone number) a snap!

Other Services
Email Finder is a very powerful online service that will allow to search by name (standard email address search) or by e-mail address (email "Caller ID"). You can search nationwide or narrow it down by state

External Links
- Email Finder

-Yahoo! People Search

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