The Best Search Engines

If we are to determine what the "best" seachines are, we need to decide first what we are searching for. Most search engines are general "deep searches" or directories, while others specialize in "niche" data, like property or email address searches. Here we wil list what we feel are the best search engines, along with some tips on getting the best results, i.e. the results you are looking for.

If you are looking for a particular piece of "people" information (find someone's cell number, email addresses), you may want to use the direct links on our homepage and read up on how to find this data. Remember, it's not always just the engine, sometimes you need to add special terms to refine your search (more on this below).

Also remember that the Internet is a very fluid and dynamic place, meaning, what's there today may not be there tomorrow and what's not there today may be tomorrow, so we will offer some guidance on how to stay current or even one or two steps ahead!

Of course Google is king of the hill here. You know you've made it when your product becomes a verb, ie. "Googling" something.

The Wayback Machine
Here's a little-known gem: The Internet Archive. Go back and time and see what a site looked like last week, last month, last year or even many years back. Helpful for finding information that used to be on the Web but got taken down for one reason or another.

With 500 million users and counting, a Facebook search can provide some surprising and candid results, especially when researching a person.


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